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In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit,

Eye to our body, that is, to our soul, is our mind, the mind of man, which, by the way The Lord created us, is supposed to dwell within our heart. The energy through which man comes to know the creation is the energy of the mind, and this energy springs from God. It is the grace of God and it is located within the heart.

From our heart all things arise, and that is why we need to keep our heart the most and we should never burden it too much with all kinds of worldly pleasures and needs, as our Lord Himself teaches us that the irrational animals neither sow nor spin, they neither take care of their bodies, but there is One Who takes care of everything, and they are even more splendid than Solomon in all his glory and wealth he acquired. (more…)

Во името на Отецот, Синот и Светиот Дух,

Окото на нашето тело, односно на душата,  е умот човечки кој, според она како што Господ нас не’ создал, треба да пребива во срцето. Енергијата, преку која човекот ги спознава тварите, е енергија на умот, која доаѓа и извира од Бога. Тоа е благодатта Божја и таа се наоѓа во срцето.

Од срцето извираат сите нешта, затоа ние треба нашето срце најмногу да го чуваме и не треба прекумерно да го обременуваме со разни световни задоволства и потреби, за кои Самиот Господ не’ подучува дека бесловесните животни ниту јадат ниту сеат ниту предат ниту се грижат за своето тело, но сепак има Еден Кој се грижи за нив, и тие се пораскошни дури и од Соломон, со сето своја убавина и богатство што ги стекнал.


On the III Sunday after the Pentecost, 24.06.2012, when we commemorate Saint Bartholomew, the Apostle; Saint Barnabas, the Apostle and the Holy Martyrs of China, at the monastery of St. Prohor Pchinski, a holy Liturgy was served and the faithful partook in the holy Gifts of Christ.


На 11/24 јуни се празнува иконата “Достојно ест” заради чудото кое се случило пред неа во времето на патријархот Никола Хрисоверг (983-996). Во близина на светогорскиот манастир Пантократор се наоѓа голема долина и во неа разни келии. Во една од тие келии, посветена на Успението на Пресвета Богородица, живеел еден доблесен јеромонах старец со својот послушник. Бидејќи во блискиот скит Протат, на Кареја, секоја недела се служело бдение, една сабота старецот, одејќи на бдение, му рекол на својот ученик: Чедо, јас одам на бдение, а ти како можеш читај го своето правило.


The Icon of the Mother of God “It is Truly Meet” we commemorated on June 11/24.

The “It is Truly Meet” Icon of the Mother of God is in the high place of the altar of the cathedral church of the Karyes monastery on Mount Athos.

One Saturday night an Elder went to Karyes for the all-night Vigil. He left, instructing his disciple to remain behind and read the service in their cell. As it grew dark, the disciple heard a knock on the door. When he opened the door, he saw an unknown monk who called himself Gabriel, and he invited him to come in. They stood before the icon of the Mother of God and read the service together with reverence and compunction.

During the Ninth Ode of the Canon, the disciple began to sing “My soul magnifies the Lord…” with the Irmos of St Cosmas the Hymnographer (October 14), “More honorable than the Cherubim….”

The stranger sang the next verse, “For He has regarded the low estate of His handmaiden….” Then he chanted something the disciple had never heard before, “It is truly meet to bless Thee, O Theotokos, ever-blessed and most pure, and the Mother of our God…” Then he continued with, “More honorable than the Cherubim.…”

It is truly meet to bless thee, O Theotokos,
ever blessed, and most pure, and the Mother of our God.
More honorable than the cherubim,
and beyond compare more glorious than the seraphim.
Without corruption thou gavest birth to God the Word.
True Theotokos, we magnify thee.

While the hymn was being sung, the icon of the Theotokos shone with a heavenly light. The disciple was moved by the new version of the familiar hymn, and asked his guest to write the words down for him. When the stranger asked for paper and ink, the disciple said that they did not have any.

The stranger took a roof tile and wrote the words of the hymn on its surface with his finger. The disciple knew then that this was no ordinary monk, but the Archangel Gabriel. The angel said, “Sing in this manner, and all the Orthodox as well.” Then he disappeared, and the icon of the Mother of God continued to radiate light for some time afterward.

The Eleousa Icon of the Mother of God, before which the hymn “It Is Truly Meet” was first sung, was transferred to the katholikon at Karyes. The tile, with the hymn written on it by the Archangel Gabriel, was taken to Constantinople when St Nicholas Chrysoberges (December 16) was Patriarch.
Numerous copies of the “It Is Truly Meet” Icon are revered in Russian churches. At the Galerna Harbor of Peterburg a church with five cupolas was built in honor of the Merciful Mother of God, and into it they put a grace-bearing copy of the “It Is Truly Meet” icon sent from Athos.


         In one occasion, four monks who lived in a skete, dressed in animal skin, visited Great Pamvo and all of them talked about the good deeds of their brothers. The first one used to fast a lot, the second one lived in great poverty, the third one had a lot of love, and the fourth one they said was twelve years obedient to his Elder. Pamvo answered to them: ”I say to you that the good deed of the last one is the biggest one. Since all the rest of you achieved what you wanted through your own will, and the last one, since he cut off his will, does everything according to the will of another one. Such people become confessors, if they endure to the end”. (more…)

“Во една прилика четворица Скитјани, облечени во кожа, го посетиле Великиот Памво и секој раскажал за добродетелите на својот собрат. Едниот многу постел, другиот жеивеел во сиромаштво, третиот имал многу љубов, а за четвртиот велат дека дваесет години е послушник на својот Старец. Им одговорил Памво: ’Ви велам дека доблеста на последниот е најголема. Зашто секој од вас со својата волја ја задржал доблеста што ја стекнал, а овој, бидејќи ја отсекол својата волја, прави по волјата на другиот. Таквите луѓе биваат исповедници, ако издржат до крај“.9 (more…)

On the II Sunday after the Pentecost,  17.06.2012, when we commemorate  Saint Metrophanes, the First Patriarch of Constantinople;
Saint Martha and Saint Mary, the sisters of Lazarus and the Synaxis of All Saints of Mount Athos, at the monastery of St. Prohor Pchinski, a holy Liturgy was served and the faithful partook in the holy Gifts of Christ.


On the 1st Sunday after the Pentecost, the Sunday of All Saints, 10.06.2012, when we commemorate the  Saint Nicetas, Confessor and Bishop of Chalcedon and Holy Martyr Heliconis, at the monastery of St. Prohor Pchinski, a holy Liturgy was served and the faithful partook in the holy Gifts of Christ.

The saints are people like all of us, the difference is that they’ve made the choice to take their cross and to follow the Savior and they have fulfilled everything that was promised by Him, that they will inherit hundredfold more here on earth and an eternal life in the Heavenly Kingdom.
Whether we will do the same depends only of us?


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