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In this mountain there also lived the blessed man Pambo who was the teacher and master of the Bishops Dioscorus, Ammonius, Eusebius, and Origen the nephew of Dracontius, a marvelous man. Now this man Pambo possessed the power to utter words of prophecy, and splendid triumphs, yet with all these he despised gold and silver, even as the Word demandeth. Now the following things concerning him were related unto me by the blessed woman Melha:


On the VIIth Sunday after Pentecost, when we celebrate the memory of Hieromartyr Pancratius, the Bishop of Taormina; Saint Theodore, Bishop of Edessa and others with him at the monastery of St. Prohor Pchinski, a Holy Liturgy was served and the faithful partook in the Holy Gifts of Christ. (more…)

A young couple moved into a new house, and the next morning, during  breakfast, the wife noticed the next door neighbor putting the clothes on the line to dry.

- How dirty are her clothes – she said – perhaps she needs a better detergent or maybe she doesn’t know how to wash her clothes properly. (more…)

On the VI Sunday after the Pentecost, 15.07.2012, when we commemorate The Placing of the Girdle of the All-Holy Birth-Giver of God in the Church of Blachernae in Constantinople, at the monastery of St. Prohor Pchinski, a holy Liturgy was served and the faithful partook in the holy Gifts of Christ.






Repentance is one of the greatest gifts given to us by God for our salvation in the Church. Without repentance both the cleansing from passions and our salvation are impossible. We will begin our word on repentance with an example from the Sayings of the Desert Fathers. Namely, when on one occasion Abba Serapion was travelling through a village in Egypt he saw a woman sinner standing in front of her house and he told her to prepare as he wanted to spend the night with her. But when he came, instead of committing dissolute deeds he started with his prayer rule uttering prayers and supplications for her as well. The sinner realized that the Abba had not come to commit sin but to save her very own soul from slavery to sin, devil and death. She started to tremble in terror and fell in front of his knees and pleaded him saying: (more…)

  Покајанието е еден од најголемите дарови кој Бог ни ги дал во Црквата за наше спасение. Без покајание е невозможно очистување од гревовите и и спасение. Нашето слово за покајанието ќе го започнеме со еден пример од Отечникот. Имено кога во една прилика Авва Серапион пропатувал преку едно село во Египет, здогледал една блудница како стои пред својата куќа, и  и рекол да се подготви зашто сака ноќта да ја помине со неа. Но кога дошол, наместо да блудничи, тој почнал да го извршува своето молитвено правило правејќи молитви и прозби и за неа. Тогаш блудницата сфатила дека Аввата не дошол за грев туку да ја спаси нејзината душа од ропството на гревот, ѓаволот и смртта. Почнала да се тресе, во ужас му паднала пред нозете и го молела говорејќи му: (more…)

On Thursday, 12.07.2012, when we commemorate the Holy Apostle Peter and Holy Apostle Paul, at the monastery of St. Prohor Pchinski, a holy Liturgy was served and the faithful partook in the holy Gifts of Christ.


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