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This year has been also celebrated the memory of the protector of St. Prohor Pchinski monastery.  The night of 27th of January, the Abbot Peter together with the Metropolitan of Tetovo and Gostivar, Josif, and the Metropolitan of Kumanovo and Osogovo, Josif, served vespers in honour of St. Prohor Pchinski and St. Gavril Lesnovski. During the love-feast (dinner) the youth of MOYA cordially congratulated to Fr. Gavril his name-day and for the Australia Day award for his contribution towards the society. The next day, on 28th of January, Holy Archiereus Liturgy was served and the faithful partook in the Holy Gifts of Christ. After the Liturgy, love-feast was offered.


On the Australian Day, the 26th of January, in the name of Australian country the Minister for Defense Mr. Kevin Andrews awarded the Abbot of St. Prohor Pchinski monastery, Fr. Gavril, with a certificate of appreciation for his contribution towards the Macedonian community and the Australian society in general. He was also mentioned in the official speech of the Premier of Australia, Tony Abbot. Fr. Gavril is the first Macedonian who has ever received such award at Federal level in Australia.  Many congratulations came from all over the world. We are thankful to all of those who shared these joyful moments with us.   (more…)

On the XXXII Sunday after Pentecost, 19.01.2015, when we commemorate the Epiphany, Teophany of Jesus Christ, The Baptism of Jesus Christ, at the monastery of St. Prohor Pchinski, a Holy Liturgy was served and the faithful partook in the Holy Gifts of Christ. This year cross capture Luke Zdravevski whose abbot Gabriel gave necklace with a silver cross and bible for children.


Христос се роди! Навистина се роди!

Тропар: глас четврти

Раѓањето Твое, Христе Боже наш, го озари светот
со светлина на знаењето; во неа пак, оние што им служеа
на ѕвездите од ѕвездата се учеa Тебе да Ти се поклонуваат,
Сонце на правдата, и да Те познаат Тебе, Исток на висините,
Господи, Слава Ти. (more…)

God became man, for man to become god (by grace)
God came down to earth to raise man to heavens.

The birth of Christ is a celebration of the reconciliation between God and man. With the birth of Christ, the community between humanity and God was re-established. When man sinned, he ontologically tore the communion, because there is nothing in common between light and darkness, and in God there is nothing unclean.

Only God has the power to reconnect the community with the fallen in sin, humanity. God was the first one to humble himself and was born in a dark cave, so he can illuminate us all with the light of His birth. The reconciliation is an act of two sides in communion, God is love and He is always ready to forgive us, but if it comes to reconciliation, it depends on us.

Most deserving of our salvation and reconciliation with God is the Most-Holy, Most Blessed and Indispensable, ever Virgin Mary, who first said “yes” to God and through her womb we settle in peace again and we can hope for salvation and eternal life in the kingdom of God .

But also we ought to love God and our neighbor and always to forgive. Do not ever let the satan stand between us and to take away the light of love and joy of God. We need to reject every sinful thought and to give space for God to always be among us and in us. Because if we do not forgive, then God wont forgive us and we will stay in the dark and for us Christ will not be born. And how then can we celebrate the birth of Christ, if Christ was not born (for us)?

Let the Divine-infant Christ, during these holy days, illuminate the darkness in our hearts and enlighten us with the joy of his birth, so we may love Him with our whole heart and all His humanity and together with the shepherds and angels to sing: “Glory to God in heavens, and peace among people, on earth good will! ”

Бог стана човек, за да човекот стане бог (по благодат).
Бог слезе на земјата за да го подигне човекот на небесата.

Раѓањето Христово е празник на помирување помеѓу Бога и човекот. Со раѓањето Христово, повторно се воспостави предходно, од гревот раскината заедница помеѓу човештвото и Бог. Откако човекот згреши, тој онтолошки ја раскина таа заедница, затоа што нема ништо заедничко помеѓу светлината и темнината и во Бог нема нешто нечисто.

Само Бог е моќен повторно да ја воспостави заедницата со паднатото, во грев, човештво. И Бог сакаше прв да снисходи и се роди во темната пештера, за да со светлината на Своето раѓање не просветли сите и секој кој верува и му се поклонува (преку своите вера и дела) на младенецот има живот вечен и радост во изобилие. Помирувањето е заеднички акт, Бог е љубов и Тој е секогаш спремен да ни прости, но дали ќе дојде до помирување зависи од човекот.

Најзаслужна за нашето спасение и помирување со Бог е Преславната, Преблагословената и Незаменливата, секогаш дева Марија, кој прва му рече “да” на Бога и преку нејзината утроба ние се помиривме и повторно можеме да се надеваме на спасението и животот вечен во царството на Бога.

Но исто така и ние сме должни да го сакаме Бога и ближниот и секогаш да си простуваме. Да не дозволуваме никогаш сатаната да застане помеѓу нас да ни ја помрачува светлината на љубовта и радоста Божја. Дури и секоја наша грешна помисла да ја отфрлиме и да му дадеме простор на Бог за секогаш да е помеѓу нас и во нас. Зашто ако не си простуваме, тогаш и Бог не ни простува и ние сеуште се наоѓаме во темнина и сеуште за нас не се родил Христос. А како тогаш можеме да го прославуваме раѓањето Христово, ако Христос не се родил ( за нас)?

Нека Богомладенецот Христос, во овие празнични денови, ни ја осветли темнината во нашите срца и не озари со роженствената радост на овој празничник за да можеме од сесрце да го сакаме Него и сето човештво Негово и заедно со пастирите и ангелите да запееме: “Слава на Бога во висините, меѓу луѓето мир и на земјата добра волја!”

The challenge of a spiritual life is to gain self-control.  This is one of the requirements of fasting, so by participating in the fast we learn this all important skill for an Orthodox Way of LIfe.

Saint Gregory Palamas reminds this that this issue goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. Lack of self-control is actually an evil both ancient and modern, though it did not precede its antidote, fasting. By means of our forefathers’ self-indulgence in paradise and their contempt for the fast already in existence there, death entered the world. Sin reigned and brought in the condemnation of our nature from Adam until Christ.  (more…)

Following tradition MOC-OA to serve all night Vigil on the night of the New Year’s Eve, this year in the monastery of St. Prohor Pchinski in Donnybrook was all night vigil  and service to the holy martyr Boniface.

This tradition was started in Macedonia by the Venerable elder  Gavril Athonite, Bishop of Velika, and here, with God’s blessing, from the arrival of Abbot Gabriel convey the territory of Australia. The vigil was attended by many faithful who partook of the Holy Gifts of Christ. For many years. (more…)