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On the Sunday,08.08.2015, when we commemorate Holy Prophet Elijah; The holy martyrs of Prechista; St Elias, Patriarch of Jerusalem and St. Flavian, Patriarch of Antioch;at the monastery of St. Prohor Pchinski, a Holy Liturgy was served and the faithful partook in the Holy Gifts of Christ. Abbot Gavril also prayed for those who have passed on, and gave their lives for their faith, their country and freedom on this great holiday.

With the blessing from His Eminence, Bishop Petar, the Metropolitan of Praspa and Pelagonia and administrator for Australia and New Zealand, as per tradition was the 9th food festival held at the monastery and also the 9th competition in playing Chess and Backgammon. On this day we were blessed with a sunny winter day filled with joy, laughter and plentiful of blessings. There were hundreds of traditional dishes presented at the food festival and the brain power was tested during the chess and backgammon game. The children completed a canvas with drawings of all the things they are grateful for, and Tanja Karavesov , a talented children entertainer, told them a story about St Elijah and the Crow that brought him food.