On 19 July 1903, the discovery of the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov, was attended by many of the clergy along side with thousands of worshipers, including royalty, holy Tsar Nicholas II, who was one of the bearers of the relics in procession. Saint Seraphim had foretold that on that day this king will come to Sarov and he had left a  letter for Tsar Nikolaj. The contents of the letter were read by the Tsar and no one else knows what was written in it.  For the life of St. Seraphim, see January 15 (according to the new calendar).


Abba Pambo prayed to God so that he may not be glorified on earth. But God glorified him so much that people were not able to watch him in his face, because the glory that was visible on his face was so radiant that his face was shining like a lightning, and he was like a king sitting on his throne

Авва Памво се молел на Бога да не го прослави на земјата. Но Бог толку го прославил што луѓето не можеле да го гледаат во лице од славата која отсјајувала од неговото лице, што блескало како молња, а тој бил како цар кој седи на својот престол

Дипломантот на нашата духовна академија, апостолот на Јапонија, светителот Николај им оставил на потомците соборен храм, 8 големи храмови, 175 цркви, 276 парохии, израснал еден епископ, 34 свештеници, 8 ѓакони, и 115 проповедници

На 16 Февруари, Православната Црква го слави споменот на прекрасниот светител од наше време, дипломираниот теолог на Петербургската духовна академија, светиот рамноапостолен Николај, архиепископ Јапонски. Нам, студентите на Петербургската академија, ни се посреќило: ние имаме можност да се наоѓаме во ѕидовите, кои што воспитале голем број на светители, прославени од Црквата, и необјавени, познати и непознати. Во денот на споменот на посебно значајни за нашата Црква луѓе, неизбежно се замислуваш нза тоа и се проникнуваш со атмосферата на тоа, за многу срца, драго место. Денеска нашиот збор е – за светиот владика Николај (Касаткин), просветителот на Јапонија. (more…)

Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Nikolai, ArchBishop, Apostle to Japan, – in the world Ivan Dimitrievich Kasatkin, was born on 1 August 1836 in the village of Berezovsk, Bel’sk district, Smolensk diocese, where his father served as deacon. At the age of five he lost his mother. Having completed the Bel’sk religious school, and afterwards the Smolensk religious seminary, in 1857 Ivan Kasatkin entered the Saint-Peterburg spiritual academy. On 24 June 1860, in the academy temple of the Twelve Apostles, bishop Nektarii gave him monastic vows with the chosen name Nikolai. On the day of memory of the first-ranked Apostles Peter and Paul, 29 June, the monk Nikolai was ordained deacon, and on 30 June – the altar-feastday of the academy temple – to the dignity of priestmonk. Afterwards through his wish Father Nikolai was assigned to Japan, as head of the consular church in the city of Khakodate.


 Светителот Христов Николај, големиот Чудотворец, брзиот помошник и извонредниот посредник пред Бога, го одгледа земјата Ликиска. Роден е во градот Патара. Неговите родители, Теофан и Нона, беа луѓе познати, високородни, православни и богати. За својот богоугоден живот, за многубројните милостињи и големите добродетели, овој благословен пар, како свет корен, се удостои да произведе свет изданок и како дрво посадено крај извор вода го донесе родот свој навреме (Псал 1, 3). Кога се роди ова благословено дете, му го дадоа името Николај, што значи ‘победник на народите’. И тој, според благословот Божји, навистина се покажа победник над злото, за полза на целиот свет. (more…)

Saint Nicholas, the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia is famed as a great saint pleasing unto God. He was born in the city of Patara in the region of Lycia (on the south coast of the Asia Minor peninsula), and was the only son of pious parents Theophanes and Nonna, who had vowed to dedicate him to God.

As the fruit of the prayer of his childless parents, the infant Nicholas from the very day of his birth revealed to people the light of his future glory as a wonderworker. His mother, Nonna, after giving birth was immediately healed from illness. The newborn infant, while still in the baptismal font, stood on his feet three hours, without support from anyone, thereby honoring the Most Holy Trinity. St Nicholas from his infancy began a life of fasting, and on Wednesdays and Fridays he would not accept milk from his mother until after his parents had finished their evening prayers. (more…)

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