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Question: Fr. Andrew, the village of Comana is the hottest spot in this battle. The grave of St. John Chrysostom is in this village… (the rest is unintelligible)

Fr. Andrew: You know, I don’t feel fear. Somehow I don’t feel it. This absence of fear is given by the Lord. I am not afraid now, as God’s hand is on me. I am in church, so what else can be said? There are no more sounds of shooting. They have ceased, although I heard some the other day. Somehow it is the Lord’s grace and I am not afraid.

Question: Do people come to church? All the soldiers here are residents of this village. Besides them, there are other young people from various areas of Georgia here. Do they come?

Fr. Andrew: Yes, the soldiers come—well, those who are close to Church life. Some of them are not. Anyway, those who are religious come to church with an open heart.

Question: Do they find consolation here?

Fr. Andrew: Well, I do whatever I can. I talk to them and try to explain as well as I can about He Who Is…. Yes, the soldiers come, but there is no civilian population here now, just one or two men…. of them?

Fr. Andrew: Only those who repaired this church—they do come, as well as one or two others….

Question: Fr. Andrew, what is your point of view on the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict. How can it be solved?

Fr. Andrew: I should certainly give the answer of a clergyman. We all know that it is caused by our departure from God; and then, this is also the result of our relationship with Russia. To eliminate it is impossible, but everything is possible for the Lord. If it is His will, anything can happen. Our Church preserves a prophecy that our Georgian Church will be strengthened in the last times. And actually, these are the last times. One can say that the end is near, for everything that was handed down to us by Church tradition as signs of the coming end is being fulfilled. We also know from the Holy Fathers, from our ancestors, that in these times our ministry to God and the fullness of life with our Lord will not end here in Abkhazia and in this village, whereas it will be lost in the world. But this will not come to pass if there is no peace in the country. We hope that peace will come by the Lord’s will. If you want to know what can be done from the human point of view, I am sure I really don’t know…. I haven’t even thought of it, for it is not for me to decide.

Question: Still, what can be done?

Fr. Andrew: From the human point of view it is very difficult to solve. I don’t know what is to be done here. This present time is sent to heal us and everything will end well, but it won’t come soon. I only have hope in the Lord and His will; I truly depend on His