Enter in the holy temple with holy joy. Have in mind that The Savior comfort you in your worries:

,,Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”(Matthew 11:28).

Always enter in the church quiet and mild, so you can go from the church justified, like the calm evangelic custom officer when he went from the church.

When you enter in the church and you look the holy icons, have in mind that the God Himself and all the saints looking at you; in the church be with especially religious filling and have fear from God.

After you enter the church, do three belt bows, and when is the feast period three bows to the ground, and pray: ,,God you Who create me, give a mercy on me”, ,,God be merciful on me, the sinner”, ,,Numerous times I have sinned, God have a mercy on me”. 

Than, take a bow to the left and right to those who entered before you , stay in one place and carefully listen the psalms and prayers (if they are performing in the moment), but do not speak (inwardly) and do not read other psalms or prayers, except those which are singing in the present moment , because apostle Paul condemn that as  apart of  church assemble. It is good if you have a place in the church where you always stay. Go to that place quietly and modestly, and if you must pass by the king’s doors, stop and make a cross and make a bow. If you still didn’t choose your place, do not disturb the others, stand up where you can find free place, from where you can listen the singing and the reading.

In the holy temple always come earlier, so you can before starting of the liturgy to light candles, to deposit a donation and other. In case, from justified reasons, you are late, be careful so you don’t disturb the others in following the Liturgy. If you came in the church during the reading of the six psalms, Evangel, or after the Cherubim on the Liturgy, stay at the entrance door till this important parts of the Liturgy are finished.

Behave religious to the church candle: it is a symbol of our prayer burning in front of God, in front of His Holy Theotokos and in front of the all God’s indulgences. Light the candles from the candle which is already lightened, and put them where is free. The candle should be placed straight up. If during the great holidays the attendant put out your candle, to make free space for the candles of the others, do not disturb in your spirit, your sacrifice is already received by the God who see all and by God who knows all.

During the Liturgy do not go up and down in the church to light the candle, (to leave a bottle of vegetable fat and other). Some moments in the Liturgy require a special attention, like: reading the Evangel, singing the Virgin Mary’s gospels and great word of glory during the all night vigil, the prayer ,,One born Son…” and the whole Liturgy, starting from the ,, Cherubim song“

In the church say hello to your friend with nod of your head, without words, and do not shake even with your ones, and don’t ask anything – be really humble. Don’t be curious and don’t look to the people round you, but say your prayers with honest filling, carefully following the Liturgy.  In the orthodox churches during the Liturgy you have to stand straight. You may seat down only when the “katizmi”(Psalter) are reading and “parimii” (reading from the Old and the New testament during the great night service, or in the great holidays and in the days of the particularly honored saints). In other cases, is permitted to seat only from medical reasons. Because, for body weakness saint Phylaret from Moscow said: ,, Is better to sit, with thoughts directed to God, that to stand with  thoughts directed to your legs.”

In the church pray as a participant in the Liturgy, not just as a present, so the prayers and gospels, which are reading and singing, result from your heart: carefully follow the Liturgy, so you can pray for that which the whole Church prays. If you come in Church with your children, teach them a prayer so they can behave humble and do not speak. If the child ask to get out of the church, tell him/her to make a cross and to leave quietly, or you take the child outside.

Never permit to the child to eat in the church, except when the priest gives a  blessed bread. If a small child ( a baby) start to cry in the church, immediately take the child outside the church.

Do not judge the unintentional mistakes to those who lead the Liturgy or to those who are present.- its better to recognize your own lack and pray to God for forgiveness of your sins. It happens, during the god service, someone obstruct the people around him in their prayers. That it shouldn’t be the reason you to upset or to warn someone (only in exceptional cases).

Take care to overcome that, if you can’t due to your one weakness overcome the temptation, it is better to move to other place in the church.

When you go to church, earlier at home prepare change money for candles or for other duty; prepare money for charity.

Never leave the church (except in extreme necessity) before the Liturgy is finished, because that is the sin before God. If you did something like that, repent yourself  on  the confession.

According to our old customs, men should stand on the right side (half) of the church, and women on the left side. To the Holy Communion and Holy Unction also the people to approach separately : first men than women. People shouldn’t stand on the way from the main entrance to the king’s doors. Women should come to church dressed unpretentious, in a dress or  a skirt, with covered head and without cosmetics on their faces. In any case, is not allowed Holy Eucharist with lipstick on the lips. Main feature in the temple is the mutual love of the present people and understanding of the content of the holy services.  If we enter to the God’s temple with religious tremble, and if we imagine that we are in the heaven, God will fulfill all our prayers.

And one reminder: shut off the cellular phones before you entering the church.