St. Prohor Pchinski was born in Macedonia, in the region of Ovche

Pole, by honourable parents Ivan and Marija. Those noble, Godfearing people

also had great estate, but always put the divine before the secular matters,

the spiritual before the material and were helping the poor as much as they

could, however they couldn’t have children. For that defect they were

constantly saying God’s prayers. And God heard their hearty prayers and gave

them a baby boy, and they named him Prohor.

When Prohor grew up, his parents wanted to find him a woman and marry

him, so that they could have heirs and leave their estate to them, but

Prohor taught by them to seek the Kingdom of Heaven in the first place,

didn’t like it and therefore went to the Church to say prayers to God in

order to find the way to salvation. That day at the liturgy the Holy Bible

was read, when Christ says: *One who loves his mother and father more than

Me, is not deserving Me. One who leaves … either wife or children … because

of My name will receive a hundred times more and will have eternal life! (Mt

10, 37) *

Saint Prohor was affected by those words and started to cry within his

soul and prayed to God to let him continue the way to salvation.

And once he went out of the Church he made for the mountain. As the

deer strives for the water springs (Ps. 41, 2), Saint Prohor strived and

made for the mountain desert where he could drink incessantly from the

everlasting spring of living water. He settled in the mountain desert of

Nagorichane in the region of Zegligovo, where he found a cavern and a small

spring and it was a royal palace to him. His food was wild fruits, grass and

roots, eating only once in the week. And who could describe all his feats,

in his constant pray, tears and efforts, in winter cold and summer heat

lying on the very ground instead of soft bed. Real hermit, real prophet,

real martyr, lying over a cold stone! Then he shone with his virtues as a

bright star from East and West with his blessing of a hermit. At that place

Saint Prohor passed 32 years, without seeing a single man and living with

the mountain beasts.

Once upon God’s allowance, when the old man was sitting before his

cave, one frightened doe ran up to it and the old man asked her: *My dear,

why are so weary*. Diogenes the hunter was chasing the doe. When he came

close to the man and saw the doe lying calmly in front of the saint, he felt

ashamed and got frightened by the old man and ran away. Then the saint

called upon him: *Diogenes, don’t run away, come back, because I am a man

just like you*. Diogenes was even more frightened when he heard his name and

fell down in front of the old man’s legs asking for blessing. The old man

blessed him and told him these words: *Diogenes, go to Carigrad to become a

king. But when you reach the throne, remember me, the old man, that I have

foreseen it!*

After that Diogenes left admiring the holy old man, but soon he forgot

those words. And the doe stood up and went deep in the forest and the saint

came after her. Wandering across the forest, he found another narrow cave

and settled there, saying: *God bless this place*. Here the holy man

continued with his exploits seeking for God’s cognition and constant unity

with God. On that way towards the spiritual perfection and deity he met many

satanic temptations. Once while the saint was sitting in his cave saw a

lion. The saint got scared, but one God’s angel stood in front of him and

the lion disappeared at the same moment. Saint Prohor thanked God for

sending him his angel to help him.

The saint lived at that place for another 30 years. Upon God’s

blessing the saint foresaw his last day, he crossed; he saw the holy angels

coming inside the cave after his soul, prayed for the world and presented

himself before God on 14 October/ 1 November. And his non-disintegrating

body rested there.

Then Saint Prohor showed to Diogenes, who was already a king under

the name of Roman Diogenes (1067-1071), and he told him: You have forgotten

the previous position, just as you forgot me, the old man! Defeated by that

dream, the king sent people to find the place and to bring the relics of the

saint. The people found the relics, transferred them to the river of

Pchinja, made a “kivot” (casket), decorated it with gold and thought of

taking it to Carigrad. But the relics could not be moved. The saint showed

to the king in his sleep and told him: *You won’t be able to take me away

from here!*

*After that the emperor founded a monastery on that spot dedicated to

saint Prohor, sanctified it and put the relics of the saint on the right to

the altar, where now there is a wayside chapel. Chrism flowed right away

from the relics of the saint; it made blind to see again, crippled to walk

again and ill to get well. Diogenes sent one abbot in the monastery, along

with priests and monks. He gave them “metohs” (lands) so that they could

survive. *There was a miracle, from the tomb of saint Prohor chrism was

still flowing and healing all the ill, who approached with faith to admire

his holy relics. Let us also honour with healing and salvation of the soul,

as well as with bodily health. Thank God! Amen